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Customer Testimonials 2002

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Your timing could not have been more perfect. The flowers were delivered by surprise and amongst her closest friends. When I spoke to her, she was speechless, and said words could not describe how happy she was. Her mother was there as well, and Anna said her mother was amazed. I can't imagine her any happier than when I heard her on the phone last night. Thank you for helping me make her Birthday special, you did a great job! I will delete all the other flower/gift providers from my internet favorites list, and be sure to tell my friends who have loved ones in Moscow about you.
Patrick McNeil (Washington DC, USA)
December 01, 2002
I am very pleased with the services you guys provided. I have used your flower delivery service 3 times, each and every time you did an outstanding job and made the people who are dear to me very happy. Afterwards, they called me and emailed me to tell me how happy they were to receive a gift from me. After I sent flowers to my grandmother in Moscow, I believe we got much closer as she felt I cared for her. Thank you very much for the job you are doing at such an affordable price.
Michael Sevastopolskiy (New York, USA)
November 18, 2002
Thanks again for making the distance between Toronto, Canada and Moscow between me and my fiance much closer. Thanks so much for your great service. You will certainly get more orders from me and my friends the near future !
Tom G. (Toronto, Canada)
November 13, 2002
The lady was impressed with the flowers you delivered, and I can say that the roses were beautiful. Everything was as promised, and I will use your service again! I was extremely pleased with your service and the quality of the roses you delivered. Your attention to details, especially the phone calls to confirm order details was totally unexpected and a delight!
Brian P. (USA)
October 19, 2002
Hi again! I am very satisfied with your service, your direct communication with me and the recipient as well as with the reasonable price level. I wish you good luck!
Bjorn K. (Norway)
September 16, 2002