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Customer Testimonials 2006

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My lady looks great, especially with the flowers! Good job! Great picture, we made her SMILE! I could see it in her eyes too!
Marc R. L. (Oakland CA, USA)
May 17, 2006
Hi! I just wanted to say many thanks for such excellent service and a very fast delivery at such short notice. I have used you many times before and have never failed to give excellent service. Maria was very pleased with her flowers and will always use you for future deliveries.
Clive W. (Oxford, UK)
May 13, 2006
Thank you, guys, so much for your outstanding job! You delivered exactly what had promised. The flowers were fresh and tastefully arranged. My parents were pleasantly surprised by the variety, quality and "ready-to-eat" condition of the fruits. Other items in the gourmet basket complimented the fruit selection nicely. The delivery lady did a great job contacting my parents in advance and delivering within the agreed on time frame. She went above and beyond her call of duty and brought in some personal touch talking to my parents and not just handing the "delivery" over to them. At that time she was representing me and my family and did it really well. Overall great experience. My parents are very happy and I am sure they will recover from the flu faster given a boost of positive emotions that you helped me bring to them. Thank you again. I will not hesitate to refer my friends and colleagues to your company and will definitely will use your services again.
Elena B. (Woodlands TX, USA)
March 30, 2006
Spaseeba! She was thrilled again... as usual, you all do a great job getting my presents to her flat in Obninsk. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! p.s. Ksenia and I became engaged on my recent visit -- thanks for all of your help to me in winning her heart!
Greg E. (San Antonio TX, USA)
February 14, 2006
I just emailed you a few minutes ago about confirmation and I would like to tell you that I JUST received a letter from her stating that she has received her flowers. An excellent job and I thank you and your organization very much! You have made my day ... and my week!
Eric K. (Blacksburg VA, USA)
February 14, 2006