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Flower Delivery in Givataim

We offer gifts, sweets and flowers for your loved ones, friends and business partners in Givataim and anywhere in Israel. Our bouquets and flower baskets include only the freshest roses, lilies, orchids, plants and more from local florists. Visit our catalog of floral arrangements delivered to Givataim and the following cities in Israel:

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Delivery Fee to Givataim: $ 0.00 (USD)
Order within 6 hrs, 27 mins for delivery by Sunday, August 20

Add Free Chocolates ($20 value)
est_elegan_100.jpg Product ID: 2300 European Delicacies Gift Set $ 159.95
est_deep_blue_90.jpg Product ID: 2301 Midnight Blue Treasure Box $ 144.95
est_moz_sym_70.jpg Product ID: 2302 A Symphony of Chocolate $ 99.95
est_love_box_60.jpg Product ID: 2303 Inner Passion Gift Chest $ 99.95
Add Free Chocolates ($20 value)
est_scotis_200.jpg Product ID: 2304 VIP Gift Chest $ 289.95
est_delightful_discovery_70.jpg Product ID: 2305 Sensational Holiday Gift Chest $ 99.95
est_beloved_woman_60.jpg Product ID: 2306 Mommy To Be Spa Set $ 94.95
est_boys_nite_out_75.jpg Product ID: 2307 Bachelor Party Bucket $ 109.95


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